First freight forwarding system integrated with accounting system

Oaktree “is an integrated freight forwarding system that helps to simplify all issues in one platform”

What's Oaktree Focusing ?

Oaktree Main Focus

We have been ready for 6 core focussing

Freight Forwarding Management System (FFMS)

Oaktree is an system with Freight Forwarding Management System Fully integrated with accounting software. So you can focussing on your business process, Oaktree can handle all

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management is fully handle with Oaktree. Increase your sales using our CRM, which is also a reliable way to improve a company’s customer service practices.

Trucking Management System (TMS)

Use Ground Shipments Management System to carry out consolidations, or direct shipments, towards inbound or outbound destinations and generate all the required documentation.

Custom Clearance

an administrative process of releasing or shipping goods from a loading or unloading area related to Customs or a government administration


Generate and send quotations using automatically generated rates for any transportation mode. Keep track of quotation status and convert quote in an actual operation.


Fully integrated with an industry oriented accounting system that feeds from accounting transactions generated from operations.


What happen's if you not use Oaktree ?

  • Manual / Semi Systemized
  • Delay Report
  • High Error Rate
  • Papers / Hardcopy
  • Work From Office

Introduce to You Oaktree System

Let's make move into oaktree system. Fully system integrated freight forwarding system that helps to simplify all issues in one platform

Cloud Based

Your data is keeping save on the cloud system. You can access anytime, anywhere.

Live Report

Real time monitoring report. Enjoy the best quality graphic, data, and visual just for you if using Oaktree System

Work From Home

You can work from home, because Oaktree is system with Cloud System. You just need some internet connection

Integrated System

Synchronize to Accurate Online through API. consolidations, or direct shipments, towards outbound destinations and all.

Paperless / Softcopy

You dont need paper, pen, or anything, Your document is save with Oaktree. You no need to worry about losing the data.

Efficiency Of HR

Oaktree can do it all. Save your employees time for other work. It's make easy for everyone and the company

Low Rate Error

If you using manual, many error will come, your paper will gone. Use Oaktree you not worried about that. You can access the data anytime you need.

Full Integrated with Accurate Online

Don't worry, we are ready for accounting service, with fully integrated system accounting Accurate Online


22 %

Cost Reduction

It's make your business simple plan, and reduce your financial

48 %

Efficiency Time

Just focus on your business. Oaktree system can handle everything, and you can monitor anywhere

92 %

Accuracy Rate

Don't worry we've been testing for accuracy is until 92%

Trusted by over +100 companies all over the world

We are ready for collaboration with your company. No matter where you are, how many staff do you have. We open for collaboration

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